Clock Repair Services in Kent- Clock Care Ltd

Clock Repair Services in Kent

Clock Repair Services

Clock Care Ltd carry out clock repairs and clock conservation and restoration to a variety of clocks that are found in the home including;

  • Longcase Clocks (Grandfather Clocks)
  • English Dial and Bracket Clocks
  • Carriage Clocks
  • Mystery Clocks
  • French Clocks
  • Vienna Regulators

We provide and fit replacement parts for your clocks in place of worn and damaged parts.

Longcase Clock Repair Services

Grandfather Clock Repair Services in Tonbridge in Kent

Longcase clocks are often seen in the hall ways of homes. Longcase clocks are precision instruments aswell as collectors item therefore they must be secure against a wall and not moved.


Antique Clock Repair Services

Antique Clock Repair Services in Tonbridge in Kent

Antique clocks are precision instruments like all clocks and movement and small knocks may cause damage to occur. As collectors items, clocks that are antique are even more valuable when looked after in the home and fully working through regular winding.


Clock Conservation and Restoration Services

Clock Conservation and Restoration Services in Kent

At Clock Care Ltd, John Mathieson is a trained horological conservator and restorer and specializes in the care of clocks. John will examination, documente, and research solutions to your clocks problem prior to treatment inorder that proper treatment will be received.